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Terms of Service

These are the current terms of service for the CloudCoder exercise repository.

  1. Only post redistributable content here. All exercises uploaded to the repository must be either (a) original work by the user uploading the exercise, or (b) licensed under terms compatible with the license specified in the exercise. Reposting of non-redistributable work (such as exercises from non-freely redistributable textbook) is prohibited, and at its discretion the CloudCoder team may remove such exercises.
  2. Think before uploading. By uploading an exercise, you agree to make it available forever under your chosen license. Once an exercise is uploaded, there is no way to remove it. (Only exercises violating the terms of service will be removed.)
  3. Be nice. Use of offensive or hostile language in exercises, comments, and other text is prohibited. The CloudCoder team, at its discretion, may remove offensive content.
  4. No spam. Content uploaded to the repository (such as exercises and comments) must be related to programming exercises. The CloudCoder team, at its discretion, may remove irrelevant content.